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Mischievous Monkeys (2 years)

Magical things happen after a child celebrates their first birthday. Once a vulnerable infant, this young toddler is now ready to take on the world. Our toddler program is designed to accommodate all these exciting milestones and foster this new-found independence.  Children at this age are extremely active and interested in the world around them. We are ready to embrace this exciting age with child-sized furniture to allow them to safely explore every inch of their environment. Our program provides structure and guidance for your child to learn to share, get along with others and perform classroom tasks.

For our toddlers we provide consistent daily schedules with an emphasis on social and self-help skills. Our teachers utilize guided activities each day and encourage free choice among various activities in the classroom.

This program builds on the fine and gross motor skills being developed during the first year allowing for exploration and play in a safe, responsive setting.

Teachers listen attentively, talk through routines, and are sensitive to the types of activities that engage the child’s attention to cultivate new, complex thinking skills. Teachers work closely with families about developmental accomplishments and prepare daily progress reports.



Development/ Emergent Literacy

• Points to objects when named
• Experiments with sounds
• Names familiar objects in books


• Shows interest in colors and patterns
• Matches like shapes in simple puzzles
• Fills and dumps objects

Learning About the World/Science

• Uses senses to explore
• Manipulates new toys/objects to see what they will do
• Shows interest in environment (rocks, clouds, etc.)

Social & Emotional Development

• Begins to play independently
• Discovers how to respond to social situations
• Awareness of own feelings

Approaches to Learning

• Shows curiosity about new things
• Uses repetition to discover new skills
• Tries one or two solutions to play problems

Physical & Health Development

• Stacks blocks or toys
• Walks without help; begins climbing
• Makes marks with writing materials