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Cool Things

Books on the Go (Preschool Outreach)

This program provides materials and staff to deliver crates of quality preschool books to area day care providers, and present a Story Time while they are there. The response from day care centers has been overwhelming. 

Stretch N Grow

The classes are taught to develop life long healthy habits through adventures with songs, use of equipment, stories and games.  Dynamic discussions are held on health related topics, such as exercise, hygiene, self esteem, muscle recognition and most importantly, nutrition.

Dancing Stars

Dancing Stars is an introductory dance class that meets weekly at Le Grande.  It is offered for boys and girls ages 3-5.  Dancing Stars is a part of Catawba Counties Stretch N Grow program!  Children learn beginner dance techniques, proper posture, balance and coordination, flexibility and much more.  Each semester ends with a recital so that parents and families can see everything their child has learned!

Bisque n Beads

Children are given the opportunity to paint their own pottery for special holidays, using hand, foot and finger prints.


Children are given the opportunity to learn basic Spanish and Sign Language.

Nursery Rhymes

Each month we focus on two or more Nursery Rhymes!   Nursery Rhymes are very important for many reasons.  Rhyming plays an important part in early literacy.  Nursery Rhymes are full of words that your child may not hear during a routine day. Hearing these words in context increases your child’s vocabulary. A large vocabulary is a critical skill for successful reading comprehension.  What better way to help your child love written and spoken language than presenting it in silly songs, fun poems and easily remembered stories. These are just a few of the many reasons to make nursery rhymes an important part of your child’s life.

Water Play

During the summer months children are given the opportunity to play in sprinkles, water tables, spray bottles and other water activities outside in the open field.