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Cooky Caterpillars (6mo-1yr)

Your baby’s first year is an amazing time, filled with curiosity and discovery. Where your infant spends their day is just as important as what they do there. For our infants, we provide a tailored environment. We maintain individualized schedules to meet the needs of each child throughout the day. Our caregivers utilize activity plans that encourage and promote growth and development. We offer a variety of daily activities that expose the children to new things and help develop all five senses.

Each day you will receive a written daily report, specific to your child, that contains information on his or her food intake, diaper changes, naps and general daily behavior. Our staff is happy to answer questions you may have about your child’s day and give you advice about something you may be unsure of. Their experience and knowledge is a wonderful resource.

Our teachers foster sound cognitive and emotional development for babies by holding them, singing to them and rocking them throughout the day. These early interactions with the caregiver build a sense of security so the baby feels confident about exploring the world through language (babbling), gross motor skills, and fine motor skills (holding a bottle independently).

Teachers play with babies on mats to encourage sitting up, crawling and standing. Mirrors at floor-level stimulate recognition and encourage children to pull themselves up at the sight of their reflections. Parents are a child’s first teacher and our staff will work closely with you to make this transition – for both baby and parents – a smooth one.

We display family pictures in the child’s crib, to emulate the child’s home environment. Your child’s teachers will be responsive to each infants individual needs and daily routines. Teachers prepare daily summaries of the child’s meals, naptimes and diapering.


Development/ Emergent Literacy

• Experiments with sounds and babbling, building language skills
• Uses voice to express feelings
• Uses speech-like sounds; may begin to say words


• Exhibits some sense of size, color, and shape recognition of objects
in immediate environment
• Understands objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen
• Stacks toys/objects

Learning About the World/Science

• Explores the world around them through their senses
• Begins to explore food with hands
• Becomes more aware of cause and effect relationships

Social & Emotional Development

• Begins learning self-regulation and soothing skills
• Differentiates between known people and strangers
• Plays more interactively with others (peek-a-boo)

Approaches to Learning

• Focuses and reaches for objects
• Begins developing problem-solving skills
• Enjoys repetition of activities, practicing and figuring out how things work

Physical & Health Development

• Rolls over, grasps with both hands, and begins to sit with assistance
• Builds large muscles through crawling and standing
• Walks with adult support; may begin to walk alone